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Jason Fung, recognized in the creative sphere as "granularadventures," is a Canadian artist known for his multidisciplinary approach. Merging his talents as an artist, electronic music producer, jazz pianist, and technology lawyer, Fung creates a unique intersection of artistic expression and technological insight. His portfolio encompasses a range of visual constructions, generative art, and electronic music, intertwined with his professional expertise in various technological legal issues. In the art world, Fung's collaborations have been both notable and diverse. He has worked with esteemed entities such as PolyCoro, creating large-scale video projections that blend music and visual art. His notable works, including "The Strong Unstaggering Breeze" featured at /'fu:bar/ in Zagreb, and more recently, digital motion design work for The Little Opera Company’s production of “The Walk from the Garden”.

Beyond his artistic endeavours, Fung is active in the legal domain, particularly in technology law. His expertise spans a wide array of technologies, ranging from remote-controlled aircraft systems to the complexities of artificial intelligence. Fung is not only versed in the legal aspects of these technologies but also deeply involved in their societal and policy implications. He has shared his insights at various prestigious platforms, lecturing at conferences and seminars for institutions like the World Bank, the Kule Foundation, and the Legal Education Society of Alberta, among others. 

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